Presenter Information

Oral presenter guidelines and logistical information

The congress is primarily organized into a series of panel-style sessions with 4 or 5 presenters. Some sessions may be a mix of presenters and discussants. Sessions with 4 panelists will last a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sessions with 5 panelists will last a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes.
The chair will begin the session by taking 5 minutes to introduce the topic, the objectives of the session, and each of the presenters and discussants (if applicable).
As one of the session’s presenters, you will have 10 minutes to present your research related to the session topic. Presentations will be made using PowerPoint slides. Please email your final presentation slides to [email protected] by Friday, October 11. Please additionally bring a flash drive with your presentation with you as a back-up measure. If you are unable to send your slides in advance, please bring your slides on your flash drive to the registration desk outside of the meeting room by 8:15AM on the morning of your presentation.
Your presentation will be uninterrupted. In order to maximize the time available for audience participation and questions, we ask that you strictly keep to the 10 minute maximum. Once all presenters have concluded, the chair will facilitate 40 to 50 minutes of questions and answers with the participation of the audience. The exact duration will depend on the number of presenters in the session.
In the final 5 minutes, the chair will summarize the key ideas that have emerged, thank the participants, and close the session. The presenters and the chair will be seated at the front of audience. There will be a large projection screen to the side, visible to the audience. There will be a computer at the front for use by the presenter. Each presenter will manually advance his or her own slides during the presentation.

Poster presenter guidelines and logistical information

There will be a dedicated poster session from 10:20 - 11:45am (timing subject to change) on Tuesday, October 15, where conference participants will have time to view the posters and interact with poster creators. Please plan to be present during that session to interact with conference participants and react to questions and comments.
Poster Guidelines:
  1. Size: Posters must be 3 feet by 4 feet (.91 meters by 1.2 meters) in portrait style.
  2. The poster presenter is responsible for transporting their poster to the conference. Upon arrival the first day of the conference, please give your poster to a member of the conference staff at the registration table. We recommend that you hand-carry your poster, though you have separately been provided with shipping information should you wish to mail your poster in advance of your arrival.
  3. The poster may be rolled; the conference staff will mount all posters in advance of the poster session.